Your guide to Domain Samurai

VIDEO: Your guide to Domain Samurai

Video Transcript

Video Transcript

For a long time, finding a good domain has been a major stumbling block for many people. It often seems like all the good domains are taken, and you can spend hours or even days searching for the right domain.

But not anymore!

Video Contents

Video Contents

In this video I’d like to show you how to use Domain Samurai to find high quality domains quickly and easily.

I’ll also show you how to create Presets within Domain Samurai and how to snap up the best domains before your competition finds them.

New Project

New Project

To begin, I’m going to click the New Project button.

Create Project

Create Project

In the Project Settings window I can enter a seed keyword.

For this example I’m going to use the keyword ‘photography’.

Keyword Research or Domain Search

Keyword Research or Domain Search

Once I’ve created my project I have the option to either (1) do some keyword research or (2) go directly to the Domains module.


Keyword Research Module

Keyword Research Module

This keyword research module is the same as that used in Market Samurai.

If you’re not familiar with this module, please visit the Noble Samurai dojo where you’ll find several step-by-step videos on Keyword Research.

Domains Module

Domains Module

In this video however, we’re going to focus on finding domains, so I’m going to click this button to go directly to the Domains Module.

Domain Search Seed Keywords

Domain Search Seed Keywords

At the top of the screen I can enter my seed keywords for my domain search.

For this example I’m going to use the seed keywords:


digital photography

digital photography tutorials

Domain Variations

Domain Variations

Once I’ve entered my seed keywords, I can come over here and select an option from the Domain Variations drop-down box.

The default options are Blog Site, Shop Site, Review Site and Social Site.



Each of these presets is a collection of prefixes and suffixes that are relevant to a particular type of website.

For example, lets take a look at the Blog Site preset.

Preset = Collection of Prefixes and Suffixes

Preset = Collection of Prefixes and Suffixes

When I click the ‘Edit’ button you can see that the Blog Site Preset includes the prefixes ‘my’ ‘the’ and ‘e’.

And the suffixes 'blog', 'spot', 'site', 'info', 'news' and 'tips'.

Custom Presets

Custom Presets

You can also create your own Presets.

Let’s say for example that I didn’t want to include ‘e’ as a prefix and I wanted to add the suffix ‘hub’

After making my changes I can click the ‘Save as New Preset’ button.

Name New Preset

Name New Preset

After making my changes I can click the ‘Save as New Preset’ button.

I can then name my new preset. For example, I’ll call this preset ‘My Favorites’ and then click the OK button.

Quick Recap

Quick Recap

Now just to recap, what this means is that when I click the ‘Find Domains’ button, Domain Samurai will search for domain names that include my seed keywords and the prefixes and suffixes associated with the ‘My Favorites’ Preset.

Don’t worry if that sounds a little confusing, you’ll see exactly what I mean in just a moment.

Domain Presets

Domain Presets

The next drop-down box allows me to select the domains that I am interested in.

The default presets are ‘com’ and ‘com, net, org’. Once again, you can create your own Presets to focus in on the domains that interest you.

For this example, I’m only interested in .com domains, so I’ll select the com Preset.

Review Settings

Review Settings

So I’ve now specified that I’m interested in finding domains that are based on these seed keywords, I want to include the prefixes and suffixes associated with the 'My Favorites Preset' and I’ve selected a Domain Preset' that includes only .com domains.

Inculde Hyphens

Inculde Hyphens

I can now use check this checkbox if I want to include results with hyphens which I do.

Find Domains

Find Domains

And now I can click the ‘Find Domains’ button.

Domain Research

Domain Research

Domain Samurai now, goes out and in just a few seconds it conducts the domain research that would usually take you hours or days.



And here are my results.

Example Domains

Example Domains

Now as I scan down this list, I can already see a few domains that would be worth investigating.

For example, I’m a little surprised that and are actually available.

Real Time Check

Real Time Check

When you see a domain you’re interested in, the first thing to do is to click the check link. Domain Samurai will then do a detailed check to confirm the availability of that domain.

Green = Available

Green = Available

If the entry turns green like this one, then the domain is available.

Red = Not Available

Red = Not Available

Occasionally, the detailed check will reveal that the domain is not actually available and the entry will turn red.

For example, let’s take a look at the In this example, the domain isn’t available.

Another Quick Check

Another Quick Check

So let’s just check one more and check - and this domain is available.

1st Seed Keyword

1st Seed Keyword

Now you’ll notice that all of these domains relate to my first seed keyword, ‘photography’.

2nd Seed Keyword

2nd Seed Keyword

As I scroll down through my results, I’ll find domains that relate to my second seed keyword ‘digital photography’.

Checking Availability

Checking Availability

For example and are both available.

3rd Seed Keyword

3rd Seed Keyword

As I scroll further down I’ll find domains that are relevant to my third seed keyword digital ‘photography tutorials’.

Checking Availability

Checking Availability

For example is available.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density

I can also sort my results by keyword density by clicking on this column heading.

Highest Keyword Density

Highest Keyword Density

And here I can see that the domain has the highest keyword density.

Choosing Domains

Choosing Domains

So as you can see, in just a couple of minutes I’ve identified some fantastic potential domains that are available right now.

The actual domain you choose will depend on a number of factors including the branding potential, the search engine optimization potential and the strength of competition in the market place.

Buy Domain

Buy Domain

Once you’ve made your decision, all you have to do to secure your domain, is come over here and click the buy link.

Buy Domain Screen

Buy Domain Screen

Domain Samurai then opens a new window containing the ‘Buy Domains’ screen.

It’s important to note that at Noble Samurai we don’t actually sell domains, so on this screen you can select which registrar you’d like to use to purchase your domains.

The default here is because they provide both bulk registration and the highest level of automation with Domain Samurai.

Select a Registrar

Select a Registrar

So for this example, I’ll accept this default and click the ‘Next’ button.

Confirm List of Domains

Confirm List of Domains

Here I can confirm the list of domains that I’m interested in and then click the ‘Proceed’ button.

Add to Shopping Cart

Add to Shopping Cart

I am then redirected to

From here, I can select my domain and add it to my shopping cart.



I can then follow the standard checkout process to purchase the domains I’m interested in.



So let’s just recap...

In this video we’ve seen just how easy it is to find high quality domain names based on specific keyword phrases using Domain Samurai.



We also saw how to set up Presets for domain variations and domains in order to save time and effort.

Secure Domain

Secure Domain

... and finally we saw how to secure your domain with just a few clicks of your mouse.


Steve King

Hi Anthony
Excellent training as ever! much appreciated.
Another great time saver

Ernie Hodge

This will put the rest of the domain finding tools on the back burner. Really incredible.


Excellent Work.
This will be one of my favorite tools to use with Market Samurai.


Hi, great product saved a lot of work.
What i did first was, to do first a keyword research, and i looked the daily searches plus the pbr. If the numbers are good and based from your tutorials about \"how to avoid targeting the wrong keyword\", i choose the right keyword. Then i had to look all the registars for availability.
Thanks guys, great work

Ricardo Weatherly

Thank guys, I would spend hours trying to figure out which domain to choose after I did my research.

Now you guys have made my choice of domain selection a whole lot easier with Domain Samurai.


Karen Newton

Love this software already, plus very nice how it looks and acts so similar to Market Samurai. Any intentions of adding it to Market Samurai in the future - or will you be leaving it as a standalone product?

Great work!

Tom Miles

Totally awesome! You guys at Market Samurai SO have your game together. Product capability soars. Ease-of-use (after practice and review) is just great. Training videos are super instructive, clear and supportive. I have been glad for over a year now that I bought my copy of Market Samurai - thanks!

Michael Steinberg

You guy\'s just get better and better. I sure don\'t regret buying Market Samurai when it first came out, and now we have Domain Samurai. You\'re training is hitting new highs, and my chances of becoming very successful in this business increase by the day. Many thanks to all of you.

Michael Steinberg

Peter Bestel

Well done guys!

This is a fantastic complement to Market Samurai. Beautifully simple and I love the integration with Namecheap.

I can\'t wait to have a go at that Aged Domain tab too!

Another time-saving winner from Noble Samurai.


Dan Hatcher

This is awesome! I am so glad I ran into your stuff a year or so ago. Market Samurai is \"The Best\" and now you are topping it off with this!
You guys are the best and Thank You!


What is the point of having free software if there is a component (domain face) which only allows a trial for 7 days. It is not really free is it?


simply brilliant! this is exactly what I\'ve been looking for. Good work, once again, Noble Samurai!

Dr. Michael Haley

Nice work guys. I\'m going to fire it up right now and get some new sick domains!


wow I love this.. just found a domain I am after with 100 keyword density and so many more domain I would not have thought of fantastic!

Jeff Gardner

Fantastic! Most excellent. Now, when was that IPO happening again?

Mark Bown

Great tool,off to buy some more domains now I don\'t have to spend hours sorting the best from the rest.Cheers guys


Awesome new tool guys will make snapping up good keyword domains a breeze


Great tutorial.

Loving the productivity increase with finding those niches! Now I can get a powerful domain search too, this is too easy guys!

Don\'t stop the great work.


Another great tool. This is wonderful and as usual the training is simple enough for anyone to follow. Thankyou so much. I know this will be a favorite for me.

Elsie Hagley

This is a great tool, it will save me a lot time, searching for good domain names with the keywords, suitable for my clients in my marketing business.

Brent Williamz

Thanks so much for giving us this great addition to our (paid) copy of Market Samurai. I\'m just doing a test drive right now with Anthony\'s video onscreen beside Domain Samurai (so I don\'t miss the basics).
Question: In the TLDs Domain Extensions field, you need to add .TEL real soon!
Also, do you have plans for 2LDs to be searched, maybe as a separate Option?
In our area of small business website development & ECommerce, we relate more to the local Australian market for our SME clients; & would be a valuable addition here.
Otherwise, damn good work, oh Noble Samurai\'s!


This is great software.It actually came up with one of the domains i was looking at at Godaddy,except it took me a lot longer using and looking through all the results at godaddy.
Great compliment to my Market Samurai.
Keep up the great work people.


Wow , What amazing software and excellent tutorial .
Save lots of time and hopefully , it helps me to see some results !
You and the Noble Samurai team are the Best .
Thanks so much !

Brent Williamz

Thanks so much for giving us this great addition to our (paid) copy of Market Samurai. I\'m just doing a test drive right now with Anthony\'s video onscreen beside Domain Samurai (so I don\'t miss the basics).
Question: In the TLDs Domain Extensions field, you need to add .TEL real soon!
Also, do you have plans for 2LDs to be searched, maybe as a separate Option?
In our area of small business website development & ECommerce, we relate more to the local Australian market for our SME clients; & would be a valuable addition here.
Otherwise, damn good work, oh Noble Samurai\'s!

Tom McEwin

Wow - fantastic software. This is going to save a lot of time. Right on the money as usual guys.


Nice to have another tool to go with Market Samurai together with excellent tutorials.

Thanks Guys for keeping this blog at such a high standard with quality info always.


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I think Domain Samurai is the first available.
Market Samurai team has been very solid and helpful.
Wishing you all success.


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I would love to be able to filter/limit my search by the number of characters of the domain. This more feature will make it just perfect.
Thank you

Simon RObb

Great product, will make life much easier.

How do we then organize hosting and DNS re-direction?

Stephen Hamilton

I\'ve scanned through this page and a couple of others, but I can\'t find the answer to my question. Hope you can answer me.

Does Domain Samurai support (or plan to support in the near future) ccTLD\'s, such as or



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area of information will help my cause immensley
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All the Best
God Bless You all , My Favorite Samurai Team !


as usual, great presentation Anthony! Thank you for sharing this valuable information.


Awesome Tool, Truly A Must-Have


I have said it before, but I want to say it again.
Dr. Anthony your tutorials are the very finest to be found anywhere on the internet! As aways, thank you very much.

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As part of our service we create blogs for our clients. Finding good name has just became so easy with the tools. Thanks a lot for such a great tool

Tony Harrelson

Great time saver. Now all you need to come up with is a \"domain dashboard\" type of program for those of us who own 100+ domains. I have no doubt you guys can do that.

Thanks again for Domain Samurai, I really like this and had my assistants all install a copy to make their jobs easier.

Alexander Romano

Another awesome tool from Noble Samurai! Great module add-on for Market Samurai as well, cutting wanted for-sale keyword domains down to size.

It really does save you a LOT of time doing domain research. I love it.


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With this add-on, even more so!

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I am new to Internet Marketing and have started by evaluating the various programs. You guys have put together a resource that is logical and intuitive to use. By far the best I have found.

I am a happy customer.

Keep up the good work


Thank you for sharing

Bruce William Taylor

\"If you’re not familiar with this module, please visit the Noble Samurai dojo where you’ll find several step-by-step videos on keyword research.\"

Where? I do not find any videos on Keyword Research.

When I ran Domain Samurai for keywords, the response was \"none found\".

Where are the instructions for what the acronyms mean?

How do I interpret the numbers, to determine which are the best keywords?


absolutely brilliant guys keep up the fantastic work samurai rocks


absolutely brilliant guys keep up the fantastic work samurai rocks


Is there any way to use Enom with this?

Jan Ruben de Wilde

Wow, I\'m so amazed! Domain samurai is easy to use and it is the best domain checker tool available.

Highly recommend it!

Jan Ruben


I like your clear teaching style, including your recap at the end of the video lesson.


i\'m still newbie.. sorry if i asking not important question for someones.
\"keyword density\"
for what?


Hi Dr Anthony

Very well done. I can follow your instructions easily & you have it in 3 different
formats. Beautiful.

Mark M


Probably the best video tutorial I have seen. Clear, concise, and understandable.



Jose D

For any particular keyword phrase, what is the keyword density number used for?


just wondering if you can set the domain samurai for local searches for countries such as New Zealand


Michael Podgoetsky

I purchased the Market Samurai and I started using it and now I am learning the Domain Samurai. I don\\\'t think there is anything like it on the market. Pretty strong and smart software.
Thank you.
Very happy customer.


Nick Weavers

I noticed in my test that it only listed domain names constructed from concatenating a permutation of the prefixes, keywords and suffixes, but didn\'t include the permutation where the prefix and suffix were empty (ie the bare keyword). Hope it\'s not a dumb question, but say I have a keyword \"remortgage\" and want to know if (amoung others) the domain was free (a nice catchy name). I created a custom Domain Variations list with prefixes of best and suffixes of deals, offers, rates. I was expecting it to check for the domain using the bare keywords in combinationg with my chosen TLD\'s first. How would I achieve what I want? One other question; the video shows a check-box for include hyphenated results but I didn\'t see it in the GUI when I used it. It\'s quite possibly sitting right under my nose, as my wife would testify is often the case when I say I can\'t find something.

Oh, this is a great product by the way and really complements MarketSamurai which has been very useful to my company.

Best regards,


Thank you for this video! It´s very difficult to find a good domain name.
The Domain Samurai is the best way and I will to learn to use it.
I´m happy to get this gift.

george hart

to the whole crew...
you entire operation is a cut above, outstanding support, fantastic software, i am very happy to have bought market samurai, i think domain samurai is just about the easy, and well thought out software done, or that i have seen! Sorry, the worms and slime of internet are coming after you, i really hope all will turn out very well, and they get slammed hard,

Joe Skues

Very nice to examine any site keyword density

Paul Poole

I\\\'m guessing the higher the Density the better? what does Density mean?

Dr. Anthony

@Stephen Hamilton RE: TDLs

Both and TLDs are available.

The full list of available TLDs can be seen by clicking 'edit' next to Domain TLDs in the Domains Module.

Paul Gorman

HI Anthony,

Thanks for your tutorials, you are an excellent communicator/teacher. I like your unasumbing and skillful/effortless delivery and your summaries at the end of each video.

Clarity is Key...!.

I wish you well with your Samurai projects.

Paul Gorman/Ireland



Philip Irungu

This is easy to understand.

Philip Irungu
Nairobi, Kenya.

Frank Morrell

I use Market Samurai, I will run key generation and analysis on a phrase. I will then use the interesting phrases Market Samurai comes up with as new keywords for more indepth research. I used Domain Samurai on the keyword I have a web site url for, Kind of a test. Domain Samurai came up with an exact match keyword that has 75 seo vistors a day as a possibility that I never considered. When I checked the keyword in the seo module of Market Samurai, I felt I can compete for that keyword.
Really impressive was the fact Domain Samurai quickly came up with a great domain.
Very Impressive.
I really appreciate your software and especially the tremedous extra value I receive from your training.
Thank you very much

Ozgur Oner

Keep up the good work guys!
As usual another great tool and an excellent tutorial... Nothing regarding the aged domains was discussed though... Will you be interested in elaborating on the AGED DOMAINS and what would be the pros and cons in getting a used domain, and finally what is your opinion on the difference a domain AGE would make in terms of seo (in proportion to DA difference), for example between a brand new and a 2 yrs old domain, and another example will be between a 2 yrs old and 5 yrs old domain? Your input will be very much appreciated!


Dr. Anthony

@Frank - thanks for the kind words!
@Ozgur - also, thanks for the kind words!
Right now the Aged Domains feature is not working in Domain Samurai, though we hope to restore it as soon as possible.
Domain Age is just one factor out of many dozens in Google's ranking algorithm, and frankly I'm not sure how big a role it can play. We believe it can be a positive influence but I have no real way to put a number on it, as it probably varies from case to case, as do many other ranking factors.

santosh sharma

Hi, I am your pupil. Its great time to learn from you. In this lesson, I didn't understand the value of keyword density while choosing domain name. would you please put in details.


Dr. Anthony

@Santosh - keyword density in your domain name is not as important as it used to be after a recent Google update. I would not worry so much about it, just concentrate on building great content and Google will find you!


You did not define 'density' in the tutorial...
we do not know what this means or why bother with it at all

Dr. Anthony


Density refers to how keyword dense a domain is. That is, does the domain name contain all of the seed keyword(s)? The higher the number, the more keyword dense it is.

These days density isn't as important as it used to be, so this figure doesn't carry as much weight as it should. As I've mentioned above, just concentrate on building great content and Google will find you!

Hope that answers your question!


Dear Anthony, i just downloaded domain samurai yesterday and i have gone through it. However, i have 2 major questions. 1. How can the software help me in becoming successful in domain name flipping? 2. Two fields in the DOMAIN module (whois & page rank fields) were not visible when i ran/opened the software? How do i enable these 2 fields. Thank you sir. Richard.

Dr. Anthony

@Richard - Contact with your questions - they will be able to help you.

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